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  • What is the Income Endpoint?

    The Income endpoint on Mono allows you to return information such as the average monthly income value, the estimated salary received by a user, the yearly salary, and the number of income sources on a connected account.


    Data returned from the Income Endpoint

    API Reference

    • average_monthly_income

      This returns the mean of the user’s monthly income. We compute this using the sum of income divided by the income duration.

    • monthly_income

      This is the actual salary the user receives every month. Sometimes you will see multiple results which means the user has recurrent or multiple streams of income.

    • yearly_income

      This is the estimated yearly income of a user.

    • income sources

      This calculates the number of income streams or sources in the user’s transactions. Some users might have two or more income sources either from freelancing or family.


    API Response

    This is a sample data to show the kind of information returned when you call the Income endpoint.

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